Language Cloud SYSTRAN Connector

A SYSTRAN machine translation connector for use in all Language Cloud-based products, including Trados Team and Trados Enterprise


€2.99 / month

  • 1M characters/month
  • 30 days free
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€7.99 / month

  • 3M characters/month
  • 30 days free
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€24.99 / month

  • 10M characters/month
  • 30 days free
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The SYSTRAN machine translation connector allows you to use SYSTRAN machine translation in all Trados Cloud-based products, including for example Trados Team and Trados Enterprise. Note that you need your own SYSTRAN Translate Pro account or access to a SYSTRAN Pure Neural Server instance, in addition to purchasing the connector.

Usage Instructions

To use a machine translation connector in Language Cloud, you need to add it to a Translation Engine.

Open the translation engine to which you want to add the SYSTRAN connector and click Add Machine Translation Model. You will now see all the SYSTRAN profiles that match the translation engine's language combinations. Select one or more SYSTRAN profiles and click Add to add them to the translation engine. Now save the translation engine.

Now, when you use this translation engine in a cloud project, the selected SYSTRAN profiles will automatically be used to apply machine translation during project preparation and also when translating in Trados Online Editor or Studio.


The SYSTRAN connector is an add-on for Language Cloud. Such add-ons need to be installed via the Language Cloud AppStore.

Navigate here to open the Systran connector in the AppStore now, click here: Go to SYSTRAN add-on on the RWS AppStore.

Now, click Install. You will need to provide the following settings:

Now, click Complete and you are ready to go.


If you have any problems installing or using the SYSTRAN connector, contact